Tory Lynn | Newborn | Nashville, TN

I finally was able to finish some photos I took a couple weeks ago of my sweet little niece, Tory Lynn! She’s already grown up so much and it seems like everyday she is changing…of course she is getting cuter everyday!! She’s been such a blessing to all of us and has brought so much joy to our lives. I can’t wait to see her grow up and be there every step of the way. A big congratulations to my sister Tara and brother-in-law Tyler on your little peanut!

The little doll on the left was Tara’s baby doll when she was a baby!

Tyler thinks Tory’s going to be a Cowboy fan…but lets be honest she’s going to want to be like her Aunt Abs and be a Packer fan!!

Being the science and medical nerds they are…this is what Tory’s toys look like :) :)

L~ F~: