The Wells | Couple | Appleton, WI

How did you two meet? Casey and I met as teenagers at youth group.
How long have you been dating/married? As teenagers, the feeling was mutual – we liked each other! We dated for five years, then were happily married in February of 2008. We have been married for six years.
Describe yourself: Brianna – I grew up in Waupaca, WI. As a young adult I completed college studies in business and HR. I enjoy traveling, reading, painting and being outdoors. Casey grew up in Ann Arbor, MI and moved to Wisconsin in 1998. Casey enjoys traveling, swimming, biking and playing guitar. He studied industrial engineering and management in college. We have two furry babies- a cat named Fancy and a dog, Jasmine. Together we enjoy traveling and playing guitar and piano. We’ve traveled to Mexico, France and England. We have a desire to return to Europe, as well as travel to Dubai someday. A very strong passion we share is serving and investing in teens in our local assembly which we’ve been blessed to do for seven years now.
What attracts you most about the other person? Brianna – I love Casey’s smile. His smile is a glimpse into his generous heart. He’s the real deal. He’s thoughtful and so good to me. He not only enriches my life, but the lives of others. Casey – I’m attracted to the fact that Brianna loves me despite my flaws. She’s intentional about everything she does and loves her friends and family with 100% of her heart, 100% of the time.
So far what is your favorite memory together? Our favorite memory together is definitely traveling. Meeting new people and exploring new places is so fulfilling when we share the experience. We also cherish memories made when things are serene; in brief moments when life slows down.
Any other comments, memories, or love you would like to share? We want Abby to be our life-long photographer-capturing moments in many seasons of life!

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