The Sullivans | Family | Waupaca, WI

How did you two meet? We were connected on, and met right away!
How long have you been married? 3.5 years
Children: Madilyn Marie, 20 months. She’s sassy, energetic, playful, expressive, and intelligent! She loves reading, water, outdoors, bubbles, Elmo, and dolls.
Favorite family activities: Family walks, reading together, playing in the yard, swimming, and traveling.
Favorite family memory: Seabrook Island, SC, Maddie’s first trip to the ocean and playing in the sand. Early morning walks on the beach.
What you like most about being a Mom: Being a stay at home mom is a tough job, but so rewarding. When Maddie shows us new skills that she has learned is incredible.
What you like most about being a Dad: Coming home to Maddie yelling Daddy, and reading her stories. Getting big hugs and snuggles from my girl. Watching her grow and learn and be amazed by everything she sees.

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