The Pakalas | Family | Appleton, WI

About the Pakalas: Katrina and Sam met during our their jobs in high school. Sam worked in the kitchen of the restaurant, and Katrina was on the wait staff. The two became good friends for the first few years they knew each other. Love grows: they’ll celebrate their 7-year wedding anniversary this August! Liam is 4, and he loves to talk about anything; words are his strong point. He’s particularly fascinated with dinosaurs and has decided that he’ll be an archeologist when he grows up. After he is a chef for a little while. Penelope is such a happy girl. She is hilarious, and mimics her brother’s every move. Her parents say they wouldn’t be surprised if she grew up to be a comedian. The best part is that these two adore each other. Penelope’s first words in the morning are, “Where’s Miam?” as she affectionately calls her brother. And Liam always has hugs and kisses for his little sister. Even better, they’re partners in crime – look out…

As a family, they love being outdoors, whether building a snow fort, playing at the beach, hiking through their wooded land, or working in the garden. Often the two kids will somehow become allies in a wrestling match against Dad. Mom and the kids always lose.

The best thing about being a parent is hearing, “I love you” from squeaky-voiced, cherub faces. And the snuggles – they’re very effective at making a parent fall asleep.

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