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I use to work with Katrina at SECURA in Appleton, WI. We worked closely together in the marketing department. During my time there as an intern I was able to get to know her not only professionally but as friend. She is one of the sweetest most sincere people I’ve ever met. She absolutely adores her family and values strong family relationships. Not to mention her family is picture perfect and adorable so it would be hard not to be slightly obsessed :)  So glad I was able to take their family photos during my last trip to Wisconsin and see how much the children have grown!! Enjoy the photos and interview!

The Pakala’s – Sam, Katrina, Eleanor, Liam, and Penny
How Sam and Katrina met: Sam and I met while working together in high school. We were 15 and 18. We’ve been married for nearly 6 years. Eleanor would have been 5 this May!
Children: Eleanor (5), Liam (3), and Penny (11 months)
Liam is a giggler and spirited. He LOVES trains and trucks. He loves to be outdoors and go for 4-wheeler rides. He loves his sister.
Penelope is a doll. She loves/adores – Liam more than anybody. She looks for him when she wakes up, and immediately smiles and laughs when she sees him. She’s mom’s buddy though and I wear her on my back to get things done. – Katrina
Family activities and memories: As a family we enjoy taking walks and playing in the yard, including working together in “Grandpa Leon’s garden”, the property I grew up on and will move back to now that my Dad is in Heaven. We found Liam playing with a hoe in the garden the other day!
What I like most about being a Mom: I love seeing my children smile at each other and the fact that Liam loves to make Penelope laugh. When she cries, he sings “Hush Little Penny” to her and feels proud that he can make her stop crying. Hearing the words “I love you” and the ting hugs and kisses are the greatest gifts in the world. – Katrina

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