The Kaacks | Wedding | Waupaca, WI

There was a high percent chance of rain all day and the skies were overcast…but that wasn’t going to stop this outdoor wedding from happening!! I remember watching the sky all morning thinking “It’s going to rain any minute.”.  Thankfully the rain held off and ceremony started, the clouds disappeared and warm SUNSHINE filled the sky. I remember standing in the back of the ceremony looking up into the sky and thinking “Wow, talk about perfect timing! God definitely knew we had a wedding underway!”

The best part was that prior to the wedding when the weather wasn’t looking so promising not once did Kelsey or Patrick worry about the chance of rain. They were so filled with excitement that they only could think about saying “I do.” later that day. When the girls were getting ready one thing that Kelsey said to her bridesmaids that stuck with me was “Guys, I’m so excited to see Patrick, I miss him.” …I wanted to scream out “AWWWWW!!!” but don’t worry I held it in and didn’t make a scene (:

As the photographer, I of course got to spend a lot of time alone with them and it’s hard to put into words the love these two share. It was the little things that I picked up on that just SCREAMED “Now, THAT is LOVE!!”….the way Patrick looked at Kelsey, the way Kelsey made Patrick laugh, and the way that even though I was right in front of them it was like no one was watching. It’s couples like Kelsey and Patrick that make my heart beat for this job and fall madly in love with it over and over again. I can’t thank you enough, Kelsey and Patrick for having me be part of your day and letting me capture the memories.

L~ F~: