Rachel + Ryan | Engagement | Waupaca, WI

What date did you start dating? March 20, 2010 was our first date, he asked me to be his girlfriend on March 22.

What date did you get engaged? Christmas morning this past year (2012)

When and where are you getting married? September 20, 2014 at Homestead Meadows

Rachel, describe yourself (this can be as simple or complex as you would like, i.e. hometown, school, family, interests, occupation, hobbies, talents…): I’m originally from Burlington and graduation from UW-Stevens Point in 2011.  Moving north to Waupaca was a big change for me but absolutely love it here.  I have so many interests it’s hard to list them all, but some of my favorites are sports and I am a recent big fan of hunting thanks to Ryan who taught me how to shoot   I also love running with our chocolate lab, Buck.

Ryan, describe yourself: I was born and raised in Waupaca and really love it here.  I love sports and the outdoors.  Fishing and hunting with Rachel are my favorite things to do.  I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work in my hometown as a water treatment engineer, and even luckier to have found Rachel.

How did you two meet? We were next door neighbors in college.  Ryan and his roommates were having a March Madness party outside and one of them saw Rachel in her backyard and invited her over.  Ryan was the last guy that I met that day and the minute we started talking I knew there was something about him that seemed to have made the world stop spinning.  We went on spring break the next day, texted each other the entire time (I was in AZ at spring training Cub games and Ryan was fishing on the Wolf River), and we had our first date the night we came back to Point, and the rest is history.

Rachel, what about Ryan attracts you most? Everything.  It sounds really corny but I get lost in his eyes, his smile makes me weak in the knees, and his strong arms make me feel safe.

Ryan, what about Rachel attracts you most? Her wonderful and caring personality, her big blue eyes (that sometimes look green), and the way she looks at me when we’ve been apart for a while.  When I close my eyes, I see her.

So far what is your favorite memory together? Our engagement.  He proposed xmas morning.  We weren’t going to exchange gifts because we’d already done that.  He told me Santa came and my stocking was full.  It was full of our favorite candy and I got on the floor and dumped it out to sort through it.  Ryan was standing above me and was staring under the coffee table because the ring box had rolled under it and I hadn’t even noticed. I opened the box, my heart stopped, and when I looked up at him he had the biggest smile on I’d ever seen and he asked me if I’d marry him.

Rachel, what are you looking forward to the most about being married? Taking his last name.  I’m very proud to become an official Giefer.

Ryan, what are you looking forward to the most about being married? Having a ring on my finger and knowing that it’s connected to hers and means forever.

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