Jami + Kyle | Wedding | Waupaca, WI

How did you two meet? It all began Memorial Day weekend when we were introduced by mutual friends from Kyle’s lake. We spent a day on the lake together with friends and realized that we both had an instant attraction to one another. The next night, Kyle was too shy to make a move, so Jami took him out to the top of the slide at the Harbor and kissed him, our last first kiss! From the very beginning it was obvious to both of us (although Jami wouldn’t admit it until a few weeks later) that we were meant for each other. We both knew we were in love that 4th of July and were just about inseparable after that falling deeper in love every single day.

Proposal Story:  Jami’s Story: Kyle had some idea that the 4th of July was my favorite day of the year (I spent last 4th of July singing, dancing, and telling everyone it was the BEST day in the world!). This year was going to be even better, as I had just gotten home from a 7 week clinical in Florida and had the whole week off, I was beyond excited. I woke up that morning and told Kyle this was going to be “the best day of our lives” (I was being dramatic, but it ended up being very true). Kyle told me that he wanted to take me for a picnic breakfast at the Red Mill (such a pretty place by the river and also coincidentally where my parents got married) because we hadn’t gotten to spend much time alone together since I’d been home. We ate our breakfast by the river and then went for a walk in the woods. At one point during our walk Kyle said that he was going to run back to the car to get my camera, so we could take a picture, so I waited for him…and waited for him and finally he came back with something in his hand…sparklers! Sparklers, and fireworks in general, are my favorite, and I was super excited that he had gotten me some (little did I know what was coming along with those sparklers)! When I opened them, I saw the ring, it was around the sparklers inside the package! He pulled it off and asked me “Jami Lee McAllister, will you marry me?” and slipped (slipped is an understatement, as it was 101 degrees out and my fingers were swollen) the ring on my finger. It was the most beautiful and sparkly thing I had ever seen (and he picked it out by himself)! I think I was in shock because I just started giggling and crying a little before saying YES! We hugged and kissed and then I got another surprise, he had asked my mom to be there to take our picture right after, what a guy! He really thought of everything! It was truly perfect!!!
Kyle’s Story: I had been thinking about Jami and our future together a lot this last spring. I knew that I was in love with her and that she was perfect for me, and that I was ready to propose, but had to decide how I was going to do it. I knew that the 4th of July was her favorite holiday, so I thought it would be the perfect day to pop the question. Every year, she and her family go to the fireworks and I thought that would be the perfect time to do it. I could picture it all; the fireworks going off, me getting down on one knee while she was looking up at the fireworks, then I would say, “Jami,” she looks down at me on one knee, with the ring box open and the ring shinning bright from all the fireworks, and then I would ask her to marry me. But, after debating on it, I thought she might be to distracted by the fireworks and it might be too dark for her to see the ring, so I decided that proposing to her during the day would be best. I just thought she would be able to see the ring better, which would give me better odds of her saying yes, and also, I wanted to do something a little more private. I planned it all out. I thought the perfect spot to do it would be at the Red Mill in Waupaca. It is beautiful, it has a little stream running through it, and it has a little church where her mom and dad got married. I thought it would be nice to have a breakfast picnic there and I would buy a pack of sparklers (her favorite firework) and put the ring inside of the pack so that when she opened the fireworks the ring would be sitting right there and I would be down on one knee ready to ask her. It was perfect. So finally, after lots of anticipation, the 4th of July was here. I asked Jami if she wanted to go to the Red Mill and have a breakfast picnic with me. She wondered why I was asking her to do that on such a busy day, so I tried to think fast and all I could come up with is, “oh I thought it would be nice to do something by ourselves for a little bit today”, as she had just gotten back from a 7-week clinical in Florida. She agreed, so we packed up some fruit and yogurt and headed down to the stream at the Red Mill. I left the pack fireworks with the ring in it, in the car because I wanted to surprise her with the fireworks, having her think that they were the big surprise and then really surprising her with the ring. We ate breakfast, took a walk and then I told her that I had to run up to the car to grab the camera, but I really needed to grab the fireworks and the ring. While I was up there I called Jami’s mom to come, so she could take some pictures after I proposed. I grabbed the fireworks and ring and headed back to Jami. I walked up to her with the fireworks behind my back and handed them to her and she was so surprised and just loved them…but she never opened them up. The plan of her opening up the fireworks and seeing the ring was ruined. I started to get nervous and said “let me open those for you”. I opened the fireworks, started fumbling around looking for the ring because it had fallen to the bottom of the package. Finally, I got the ring and in my haste, forgot to get down on one knee and said “Jami Lee McAllister, will you marry me”. She was so surprised and excited and she said yes. I was so relieved and gave her a big hug and kiss. The rest of the day I was on cloud 9, hanging with our friends and celebrating. The day didn’t go exactly as I planned but, it turned out even better then I had imagined, she said YES!

Best memory of your wedding: The secret moment we took to sneak away from everyone during the reception and sit down and talk to each other about the day, share a kiss, and take in the idea of being husband and wife. It was short and sweet, but we’ll remember it forever.

Shout out to wedding guests: We want to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped put our big day together and made it so special! We want to thank all of our family and friends for supporting us and really making us the people who we are today, we definitely wouldn’t be here without all of you! We love you! An extra special shout out to our parents and siblings for being so wonderful and working so hard to make this wedding absolutely perfect for us!

What you’re looking forward to most about married life? Kyle: Spending every day for the rest of my life and raising a family with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. Jami: Waking up next to him every single day!

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Vendor Information:
Ceremony: Willow Pond Bed and Breakfast Weyauwega, WI  |  Reception: Indian Crossing Casino Waupaca, WI
Florist: Branching Out and Company Appleton, WI   |  DJ: Kevin Roemer, friend of the groom
Make-Up and Hair: Ashley Niemuth (Green Bay, WI)  |  Wedding Dress: Victorian Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Morgan (Bella Bridesmaids Milwaukee, WI)  |  Suits: Jos A Bank Appleton, WI
Shoes: Fibi & Clo  |  Food: Cedar Creek Marketplace Appleton, WI

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