Holly | Portrait | Nashville, TN

Tell us a little about yourself. I’m a registered dietitian, licensed in the state of Tennessee and am also a certified lactation counselor. I’ve been a dietitian for 4 years and currently work as a dietitian with WIC (women, infants, and children) and love spending my time providing nutrition counseling to the families there. I love being with my friends and family whether it’s cooking together, eating at new restaurants, family dinners, excellent happy hours…conversations that have happened during meals together for me have often been the best ones. I also really love planning just about anything. Meals, trips, themed parties, get togethers, etc…you name it and I will plan it. A couple of other things that I love: getting a good workout in, live music, dancing, and exploring new cities. But most of all, I cherish any amount of time I can spend with people that I love.

Tell us about your blog “Oh Hey, It’s Holly”. Whether I have an idea about a new recipe I want to try, a themed party to plan, my thoughts on nutrition or just some exciting news, I want to share my inspirations and things that I love with everyone. The three words that really sums it all up are health, nutrition, and party planning. Those three may not seem like they goes together, but in my life, they almost always go hand in hand. I love getting together with friends over food, whether it’s for weeknight dinner or a party. Food and people have always been my two favorite things because it’s what brings everyone together. On the blog, you’ll be able to find quick and healthy recipes (often gluten free and vegan options too!), nutrition tips, and also ideas for parties (how to plan, food ideas, fun activities, etc.).

Why did you start the blog or what inspired you to start it? You can pretty much always find me talking about food. What recipe will I make tonight, what food can I bring to the party, what types of food can we tell people to bring to the party, how can I make this recipe healthier…these are questions I find myself asking a majority of the time. So needless to say, I love all things centered food. Friends often ask me to plan quick and healthy recipes for them throughout the week or I find myself getting into a nutrition discussion at the gym, grocery store and even at the hair salon. So that’s when I thought…”oh hey, why don’t I just share it with everyone?” It also serves as a creative outlet aside from my current day job, too. This blog allows me to express myself through other things that I love to do: cook, talk about nutrition, and plan events.

What’s your favorite (or current favorite) recipe? I’m currently in love with these roasted brussels sprouts. I know it’s a side dish, but so much more than that! I can honestly say I’ve made them twice within the past week. I can’t help it, they’re just that good!

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