Christina + Kevin | Engagement | Nashville, TN

When did you start dating? Our first attempt at dating was November 2010.  Three years later we began dating the second time on July 21st, 2013.
When did you get engaged? We were engaged on December 20th, 2013.
When are where are you getting married? We will get married in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida on May 17th, 2014.
About Christina: I grew up around the world as an Air Force brat and served one term in the Air Force myself. Now I work helping disabled veterans. I received my Bachelors degree from Florida State University and a Masters in Theological Studies from Vanderbilt Divinity School. I am also a distance runner, as well as a cook, baker, and writer.
About Kevin: I grew up in Chickamauga, Ga.   I received my Bachelors degree from Berry College in Rome, Ga. and my Masters and Doctorate degrees from Auburn University.  I currently teach mathematics at Cumberland University.  My parents still live in Chickamauga.  I enjoy the outdoors.  I am a distance runner, triathlete, cyclist, and kayaker.
How did you first meet?  We met one evening at Three Crow Bar after an East Nasty group run.  It was Kevin’s first night at the running group. He decided to introduce himself to Christina and asked her out that evening.  Coincidently, the second time we started dating also began at Three Crow bar in a very similar fashion.
Christina, what about Kevin attracts you most?  If I were to say something physically, I love his piercing blue eyes. They are very expressive. However, it is who he is that most attracts me- intelligent, honest, kind, generous, and very funny. I love hearing him laugh and love how much we laugh together.
Kevin, what about Christina attracts you most? Christina and I connect at almost every level imaginable.  From mundane interest like food to the more important things such as intellect, I have found a person who I am comfortable with in every way.  I know that I can share and enjoy my life with her; she is my perfect partner.
So far what is your favorite memory together? Christina- I loved our first Christmas together, this year. We both put so much into making it special for each other and for our families. Yet, it is almost impossible to pick one favorite out of all our times together.
Christina, what are you looking forward to the most about being married? Simply knowing that I have someone I love and respect so much to share life’s adventures with. I know that we will continue to help each other grow.
Kevin, what are you looking forward to the most about being married? Knowing that I have a lifelong partner to help me explore.
Any other comments, memories, or love you would like to share? We took a trip to Las Vegas to visit friends and I (Christina) wanted to go up in the Eiffel Tower. I had known Kevin had a fear of heights but had never seen him have a problem. He went up with me without complaint but I could see that it bothered him to be up there. It was a fun experience but it showed me that he would brave his fears to experience new things with me. It is a good trait of his- his courage. We didn’t stay up there long but we did get to see some gorgeous views of the city and mountains from up there. I look forward to all sorts of new experiences, some of which I’m sure will be scary to each of us, with him by my side. I believe we can face anything we come up against.

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