EmilyGrace | Portrait | Nashville, TN

EmilyGrace was so great and easy to work with. She is a model here in Nashville.  She’s a natural in-front of the camera – she made my job easy! During the session I learned she went to school in Wisconsin – go Wisconsin!

A little about EmilyGrace…she grew up in Corvallis, OR with 4 wonderful sisters. Went to school in Beloit, WI and double-majored in Psychology and Theater. She studied abroad in Galway, Ireland during Fall term of her junior year and then took a year off between junior and senior year to work at a Christian cafe in Galway. After returning to America she graduated college and moved to Nashville for a youth ministry program and even though she didn’t end up working in youth ministry she fell in love with Nashville and has been here ever since!

She loves anything creative…acting, singing, creating abstract art, cooking and sewing.

Primarily I’ve had opportunities to have modeling shoots due through people I’ve met in Nashville. As a model I like to explore different shoots with different styles of clothing, different locations and try to use those to inspire the shoot. – EmilyGrace

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