Angela + Gene | Engagement | Waupaca, WI

THESE TWO…words can’t even express how much I love them. I’ve sat here for about an hour trying to write the “perfect” post about them and I keep deleting it. Why? Well, because everything I wrote wasn’t “good” enough (in my mind). I can’t put into words how much they mean to me and how happy I am that they’ve found each other….and that they will soon say I DO.

I’ll save you my sappy speech and happy tears and let their engagement interview below speak for it’s self…

How did you two meet?
Gene and I met at our previous job. I had been working there for about a year when he came to interview. He was applying for a sales representative job (selling dental supplies to Dr’s) and I was in marketing/sales support. I helped train Gene on the computer system and phone system and way things worked around the office. He was a very easy trainee! :) – Angela

We first met at our previous employer in April of 2011. I was coming in for an interview during my senior year of college and Angela had already been there. I remember sitting in the front lobby waiting and Angela came around the corner to speak with the receptionist. I remember asking her how she liked working there and if it was fun… and she just said yea she liked it and so on with a smile. I started working there in May after college. Angela trained me on a few systems… I remember always trying to direct my questions to her so she could help, even if it wasn’t her expertise. – Gene

Proposal story:
It was the week of Thanksgiving, and Gene’s Mom was here in town visiting. She was staying for the week and having thanksgiving with my family. We all went over to my parents house for Thanksgiving. Gene was sort of acting strange. He refused to take his winter jacket off (claiming he was cold)….said he wanted to keep it on. Walking and pacing around the room. Eventually he came over to me (sitting at the counter with his mom and my mom) and asked if I wanted to go outside with him to look at the lake (frozen lake aka…it was winter :))  So we went outside…it was actually beautiful out because it had just snowed the night before. We chatted, and he asked me if I loved him, if I would love him forever….then got down on one knee and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him. (it was just one of those moments- seems like time just freezes– I could tell how nervous he was…his lips were shaking). All my family and his Mom were watching us out on the deck and everyone was cheering as we came inside. – Angela
Well- it was thanksgiving 2014. My mom had flow in town earlier that week and I knew I wanted to take her ring shopping. I didn’t have a clue that I would find the perfect ring on that day. It was the WED before thanksgiving. My mom and I were shopping and looking around all day but with no luck. My mom needed to go to Target so she went there as I was going to the last store. Once there I saw it and knew it was the perfect one. I ran to find my mom and told her to drop everything and come to the store with me to see it. (we later went back and purchased what she needed). So the next day for Thanksgiving we went to her parents house. When I first walked in I had my big winter coat on… ring and box in my pocket. had my coat on for like 7 minutes… even as people were asking me if I was warm…. so after being nervous for those long 7 minutes I asked Angela if she wanted to go outside. she said yes with a curious look on her face… As we were outside I put my arm around her and starting asking random questions. Asked if she loved me, if she enjoyed being with me, if she would love me forever… when she said yes I went down on one knee and asked “if you will love me forever, will you marry me”. she was completely shocked- started to cry and put her hand over her  face in disbelief. She finally said yes and I put the ring on her finger and hugged and kissed her.. she couldn’t take her eyes off of it. All her family was excited and shocked but very happy. – Gene
Angela – what attracts you most about Gene?
This is such a hard question because there isn’t just one thing…Gene makes life as a whole easier- he is constantly supportive, caring, loving, responsible. He takes care of me and everything in our life together. He is one of those people you can depend on.
Gene – what attracts you most about Angela?
I love Angela’s perfect combination of personality and beauty. No only is she crazy beautiful she is also one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. She will always do anything for family and friends and I know she will always do anything for me. She is not shy and can always be comfortable in any situation she is put in. She has a great laugh; especially when we watch funny movies… she is a big dork like myself and I know I can always say something or do something goofy/dumb and she will never judge. I love that her and I can watch sports together- I have always been a big sports fan and it is very hard to find a girl that can appreciate sports but also have a conversation about it and have knowledge. I love that she is not high maintenance and can just be perfectly happy in sweats and a hoodie.
What about marriage are you looking forward to the most?
It’s hard to answer this question because I already kind of feel like we are married (we have lived together for over 2 years, own a house together, own a puppy-child together etc). But….when Gene and I got engaged, I got this feeling….it’s very hard to explain (it’s like a warm fuzzy feeling that just made me feel even closer to Gene than I did before, kind of like this feeling that he loved me so much). So, I can’t wait to feel the feeling of actually being married to the man of my dreams. I can’t wait to call him my husband, and to see him wear a wedding ring (sexy)….AHHHH. I guess just can’t wait to make it official that we have finally completely entwined our lives together forever. – Angela
I’m looking forward to having that companion with me the rest of my life. I have goals of seeing the world,  traveling, exploring and I’ve always pictured Angela being right there with me. I’m excited to file our taxes together- so I don’t have to keep doing hers. hahahahah (finance major).. just kidding… but having the security of knowing Angela will always be by my side. I will always have that person to pick me up after a long day at work… to go to a football game with… to go on walks with… to compete with both physically and mentally. But most importantly I’m looking forward to always making Angela happy- because seeing her happy is the best feeling in the world and I hope I’m lucky enough to experience that the rest of my life. – Gene
Never a dull moment around Gene haha :)
They make me happy, really happy.
A special thanks to Christine and Bobby for letting us use their gorgeous property.
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